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Antennas and Satellite Dishes
  • Are television antennas or satellite dishes permitted.
    Satellite dishes are permitted if the apparatus complies with the Association's architectural standards.  Prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee is required before erecting a satellite dish.  The dish must be placed descretely on the owner's property and must not exceed 39 inches in diameter.
    Aerial television antennas are not permitted at this time.  The Association provides each homeowner with basic cable service through a cable provider.  Such cable service is purchased by the Association in bulk and the cost of the service is included in each lot owner's maintenance fees.
    Article XI, Section 13, Declaration of Restrictions:
    "No television or radio masts, towers, poles, antennas, arials, or appurtenances may be erected, constructed, or maintained without the prior consent of the Architectural Control Committee first obtained."

Garbage and Trash Pick-up
  • What days are garbage and trash picked-up?
    Garbage and trash pick-up is on Tuesdays and Fridays in our community.  Garbage (household trash) and lawn refuse is collected on Tuesdays, along with all recycling items.  Friday's pick-up is limited to household garbage only.
    Garbage cans and other refuse may be placed on the curb-side for pick-up no earlier than 5:00 PM on the evening before trash day (i.e. items may be placed for pick up after 5:00 PM on Monday's and Thursdays).
    Garbage cans should be removed from the streets and stored out of sight by no later than 6:00 PM on the day of pickup.  Containers left on the streets later than the next day are subject to disposal.
    Recyle Bins are available free of charge from the Solid Waste Authority.  Visit their website for more information:

    For questions or concerns about service provided in our area, call the Solid Waste Authority Customer Information Services Department at 697-2700.

Home Businesses / Other Property Use
  • What are the rules governing a home business?
    Home businesses are not permitted by the Declarations.
    Article XI, Sections 9 and 14, Declaration of Restrictions:
    Section 9 - "No trade or business shall be conducted, nor any commercial use made of any lot."
    Section 14 - "Each lot is restricted to residential use as a single family residence."

Home Improvements
  • I am thinking of painting the exterior of my home. What do I need to know?
    You may paint the exterior of your house without prior Architectural Control Committee approval if (and only if) the paint, stain, and any other exterior finishing color and material comports to the original design of the house as constructed.  In other words, you must use the same colors and styles as was used when the house was constructed.  Since this is maintenance required of the homeowner, prior approval is not required.
    However, any variance from the original color scheme will require prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee.  An application and instructions can be downloaded and printed from the Documents and Forms page of this website.  You may also contact the Property Manager for a paper copy by calling 561-689-0993 during regular business hours.
    All contractors performing work within Palm Club West Village II must be licensed and insured.

Parking Rules
  • Can I or my guests park in the swales or grassy areas?
    No.  Our rules and regulations limit vehicle parking to garages, driveways and streets only.  Parking on the streets is prohibited between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:30 AM every day.
    Parking on the grass of right-of-ways, swales, and homes is prohibited at all times.  Please advise your guests of this rule and remind them that when parking on the street, all wheels of the vehicle must remain on the road surface and not on the grass.  The purpose of this rule is for the preservation of the grassy areas and to prevent breakage of Association maintained sprinkler heads.
  • I am having a party or get-together. Where can my guests park if there is no more parking on the street?
    Temporary parking is available at the recreational facilities. 
  • What are the rules regarding parking?
    Parking is permitted in resident's garages and driveways.  Street parking is permitted between the hours of 6:00 AM and 1:59 AM (in other words, you may not park on the street between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM), daily.
    Please note that parking on the grass is prohibited at all times.  This includes all common areas, swales, right-of-ways and all residential property (including your own).
    Commercial vehicles must be garaged overnight or parked at the pool area parking lot.
    Vehicles parked on the streets between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM are subject to towing without notice.
    Boats and other recreational vehicles are not permitted in driveways or on the street overnight.
    Derelict, broken-down, or unlicensed vehicles are not permitted in driveways, on the streets, or at the pool area parking lot at any time.  
    Because of our narrow roads, parking directly across from another vehicle parked on the street is prohibited.  This creates an unsafe situation and makes it difficult or impossible for larger vehicles or emergency vehicles to pass.
    Parking in front of another resident's driveway is also not allowed, for obvious reasons.
    Please note that our rules and regulations provide for towing of vehicles at the owner's expense for certain infractions. 
    Article XI, Section 7, Declaration of Restrictions:
    No vehicles of any nature shall be parked on any portion of the Properties or a Lot except on the surfaced, parking area thereof.  No vehicle which cannot operate under its own power for a period of twenty-four (24) hours shall be kept on the Properties or any portion of a lot.  All boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, motorcyles or the like, shall be kept in the garage when not in use."

Sprinklers, Irrigation, Pumps and Wells
  • Can I connect my sprinkler system to the lake?
    No.  Our Declaration of Restrictions prohibits this practice.  Sprinkler systems may only be connected to the municipal water supply.
    Article XI, Section 18, Declaration of Restrictions:
    "In the event an Owner constructs a sprinkler system on his Lot, said sprinkler system shall be constructed at the Owner's sole cost and expense and shall not be connected to the central sprinkler system constructed by the Declarant on the Common Areas, nor shall it be connected to any water body located on the Properties."
  • I am thinking of having a well drilled on my property. What are the rules?
    Wells for the purpose of connecting a sprinkler system are prohibited.
    Article XI, Section 19, Declaration of Restrictions:
    "No Lot owner shall drill a well on his Lot for the purpose of connecting his sprinkler system, if any, to said well."